Bob & Martha Stephenson, Naples Florida

An open letter

It has come to my attention that a grand jury is investigating me for the same charges that defaulted against me in a civil suit.  My inabiility to accept the reality of my mother’s betrayal led me to expose her wrongdoing and thus incur her wrath in first the civil court system and now criminal.  The accusation against me in the civil suit regarded a trust for my children that was written by me and allowed for the transfer of the trust into my home – their argument is that I am not allowed to do that.

I do not wish to drag this private family on any longer, as I’m sure my mother, sister, ex-wife, and two sons agree.  Enough is enough.  I am happy to negotiate any and all terms, which I am certain my family would prefer to being called to testify should I be indicted.

I maintain my innocence and will happily defend myself vigorously if I must – however, I do hope that not only my mother can forgive me and be patient with me as I continue to heal.  It is a daily process, to accept myself and learn to let go not only of the transgressions committed against me and the transgressions I have committed against my family, and though it is not yet complete, I look forward to a day when my family and I are freed of the burdens of our past and can peacefully coexist as we once did.

Then again, I would welcome the opportunity to personally cross-examine my mother and expose her abusive behavior.


I am truly sorry for my actions against my mother and hope that she will stop this witch-hunt that not only hurts her bank account but also my two sons, her only flesh and blood grandchildren.  I will do anything for them, as I know my mother would if she is able to forgive me.


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