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Migraines & PTSD — Res Ipsa Loquitur

As has been noted repeatedly in leading papers on the subject, children that suffer trauma “tend to have migrane headaches at a higher rate than those that do not. Moreover, “[t]here is a strong link between migraine, abuse, and PTSD.” See, Abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Migraine: Gretchen E. Tietjen, MD and Dawn C. Buse, PhD.

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What compels a 7 year-old to attempt fratricide, and 5 years later, attempt suicide?

The girl waving to the camera in the photo below would go on to attempt fratricide against her brother within one-year. Even more alarming she would attempt suicide within five years of the date of this photo. What compels someone of such a young age, and from a family and existence of substantial means commit such acts?

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**Trigger Warning** The House On Horror Hill

This is where the worst of it happened.  This is the house where I heard his dress shoes pacing the wood floor hallway below. He would shout threats, largely incoherently. … Continue reading

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The Migraine/PTSD Connection in Abused Children

As a child, I suffered from extreme, chronic migraines that have continued into adulthood.  However, during the years between second and sixth grade I experienced approximately one migraine every six … Continue reading

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Elevators & Mimesis

Elevators make for strange social interactions. There is a wonderful scene in the brilliant movie, Being There, where Chance the Gardner, played by Peter Sellers, comments upon exiting an elevator, “That … Continue reading

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A Day in May

May 1, 2011 Naples, Florida My mother and father, “They were careless people,” like “Tom and Daisy—they smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back to their money or … Continue reading

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Martha Lafon Stephenson Admits to Child Abuse

Martha Lafon Stephenson Admits to Child Abuse.

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Mental Distress Can Linger Long After Hurricane

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Book Review: IBM Redux — Or A Portrait of a Monster, My Father

This is a photograph of my deceased father, Bob Stephenson.  During his tenure at IBM, he had a speech writer named Doug Garr who wrote the book IBM REDUX which … Continue reading

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The Overt Racism of Bob & Martha Stephenson of Naples, Florida

I grew up wealthy.  Yet still, racists views were expressed freely. When I was fifteen, my mother, Martha Lafon Stephenson,  made a needlepoint of the confederate flag that said “American … Continue reading

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Just Heard from My Abuser’s Lawyer

UPDATE: I am waiting on certain documents that I have ordered to refute his arguments.  PET Scans showing PTSD — and, PTSD is never something you are born with, it … Continue reading

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