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Migraines & PTSD — Res Ipsa Loquitur

The average days in a school year at Wesleyan Day School comprised 180 days, 7 hours per day. Thus, over 4.5 years I should have attended school 810 days, or 5,670 hours. On the cover of the handmade memory book it noted that I had been absent from school on 127 occasions, or 889 hours. That equates to 1 absence every 6.3 days.

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What Compels a 7 year-old to Attempt Fratricide, and 5 years later, Attempt Suicide?

The girl waving to the camera in the photo below would go on to attempt fratricide against her brother within one-year. Even more alarming she would attempt suicide within five years of the date of this photo. What compels someone of such a young age, and from a family and existence of substantial means commit such acts?

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**Trigger Warning** The House On Horror Hill

This is where the worst of it happened.  This is the house where I heard his dress shoes pacing the wood floor hallway below. He would shout threats, largely incoherently. … Continue reading

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The Overt Racism of Bob & Martha Stephenson

I grew up wealthy.  Yet still, racists views were expressed freely. When I was fifteen, my mother made a needlepoint of the confederate flag that said “American by birth, southern … Continue reading

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Just Heard from My Abuser’s Lawyer

In an amazing development he claims what I am writing here is false. I am going to take the time to scan his letter in with my responses and you … Continue reading

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He Only Pulled A Gun Once

Just a short blog post to express my complete dismay that my mother, Martha Lafon Stephenson, admitted under oath that her husband pulled a gun in her children but she … Continue reading

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Meet Bob Stephenson & The Escape Velocity of Earth

My father was sixteen, his two younger brothers were eleven and six. His mother had never worked. In another widely told story, but a far less jovial one, my grandmother sat my father on the couch and told him that he killed his father by being such a difficult child and that is why his heart had failed him.

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The Stephensons: A Family of Destruction

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell I have experienced the uniquely uncommon misfortune of having … Continue reading

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